Eating 101



Unlock your fat burning potential with intermittent fasting.


Feel the freedom of not being a slave to food cravings or overeating.


Rejuvenate your entire being by loading your diet with superfoods.


Create a different picture of your daily eating routine. This simple intermittent fasting crash course will have you seeing how to eat in a whole new way. You will gain an understanding of your body’s real calorie needs and how you should respond to hunger. After you have these two things in place, it’s time to design a meal plan that will accelerate your fitness goals with Refuel!

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Find out what to eat and when to eat it with this fitness nutrition program for beginners. I will break down how you should calculate your calorie needs for different fitness goals and show you the tools to use to design meals that get your body the results you are after. Once you have your eating schedule dialed in, it’s time to clean up your act and detox with Refine!

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Eating the right nutrients in the right amount at the right time is a major key for health and fitness success. The next step is to rejuvenate your body by eliminating the substances that pollute and infusing the substances that cleanse with this quick and easy detox. After you finish this program, your body is sure to have a new lease on life! Now you can continue to support your new body and lifestyle with some of my Next Level Nutrition Programs!

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Meal Plans and Cookbooks

Your eating is on point; now get that body right by learning:

How to Work Out

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